I’m an ambitious person and I love to push myself to the limits. But my ultimate goal goes beyond winning, moreover endeavouring to be my best self and perform my best in every situation. I believe that those who continuously give their best and engage with a clear process will end up with the greatest chances of success, because the results will then (for the most part) take care of themselves.

So what are the pieces of my process?

Create fundamental conditions

Instead of just going for the best result, I first work to create the conditions that directly contribute to my ability to perform and ultimately lead to success. For me that starts with creating structures to keep me disciplined and focused on three main pillars of effort: Physical condition, mental health, and sport specific preparation.  From my tailored fitness program, to meditation and visualization, proper sleep, hydration, and nutrition, to thorough preparation for each rally, I’ve designed structures to address those needs and efforts. I also have a terrific team and network of people around me to help and support me.

Take the risk

When I’m passionate about a pursuit, I engage in life actively. Nothing is as secure and stable as it seems; for me that means taking the precarious path, stepping out of my comfort zone, getting to know and respect my limits, and dealing with the consequences when I exceed them. I’m clear that as a rally driver, I’m always taking a risk when I get behind the wheel. But only those who know their limits will be able to work with them consciously.

Focusing on my own performance

For me it‘s important to focus on my own performance and not be distracted - neither by others nor by results. When I think too much about what others are doing or what the result of this rally or stage will be, I have less energy and focus for my own performance in this very moment. I learned from an old mentor of mine, “Sometimes you’re the windshield, and sometimes you’re the bug.“ There will always be factors outside of my control which either help me or hinder me, that’s so in motorsport and also in life. In either case, I am always responsible for, and capable of bringing the best performance I can.

Teamwork and trust

Teamwork is the most important thing for me as a rally driver. Above all, this includes clearly defined shared goals, impeccable communication, and mutual trust. As a driver, I have to trust that the mechanics have provided a safe, properly functioning car. My co-driver and I have to trust each other and truly believe in the skills of the other, because a mistake from one of us means a crash for both of us. I also have to rely on my own strength and abilities in order to concentrate on the notes, the road, and driving at the limit.

Passion and Sacrifice

Passion for the pursuit helps with the implementation of a process, even when the consequences are hard. In pursuit of my passion I didn’t just move to another country, but to another continent with a new language, new culture and new ways of life. For my passion, I’ve left my family, my home, and my best friends a half a world away. It‘s not easy, but their love and support makes it easier for me to live so far away from them in order to pursue my dreams.

Discipline and Determination

Passion is important, but so is the will, ambition, and discipline to pull the best out of myself. In dark times motivation can falter, then discipline and commitment to structure becomes a more critical anchor. In rallying even small mistakes can have huge consequences, and it takes resilience and determination to get behind the wheel again and restart, even after rolling the car off the road the day before.

Stand by my Mistakes

Nobody is infallible. Mistakes are a part of life. I work to take responsibility and trust that every mistake offers me a chance to learn and to do better in the future. I pursue a path that is close to my heart and which I am convinced is worth doing. Even if I crash, or recognize along the way that a step I took wasn’t the right one, I’ve still learned something. I know I‘m allowed to make mistakes, which reduces my fear around failure and helps me to grow and learn from them.

Humility and Gratitude

For me it is important to learn something every day, from every encounter, and from every experience - from both good situations and challenging situations as well. If I think I know everything, the possibilities of learning something new are next to zero. I‘m not finished with my development - I‘m a continual work-in-progress, and that‘s the way it should be! Also, very important to me is gratitude for the fact that I’m at choice as to what I want to pursue. Not every person on this earth has this choice. I have worked hard to arrive where I am, but I’ve received immense help as well and am grateful for this journey.

Don’t forget to have fun and laugh

To be honest, life is too short to take everything so seriously. No matter what it is, enjoy what you do! I find it healthy to laugh at myself at least once a day, and I also love to make others laugh!